Technology Repair

Leveraging Contec's skilled team of technical and logistics professionals we enable our customer to quickly and accurately redeploy their valuable assets.
Test & Diagnostics
Our effective automated testing provides improved speed, cost efficiency, and accuracy over operations that are manual and subjective. Our focus is on far greater test coverage and accuracy based on customized test scrips that provide “field like” performance testing that result in certified refurbished devices that are better than new. We also understand the importance of remaining cost competitive via quality, throughput, and reduced labor.

Product & Accessory Triage & Screening
Efficient product screening and triage is essential for our customer’s returns programs. Resourceful sorting and minimized manual touch times reduce costs and improves process repeat-ability. Contec has the engineering talent, experience and lean culture to continuously redefine triage processes through innovation and intelligent IT process minimization.

Just as important, the failure of an accessory can cause false failures and returns of devices in perfect working order. Contec validates 
Cosmetic Repair & Refurbishment
Effective cosmetic repair programs can help companies save valuable capital and minimize expensive component repairs. Contec maintains inventory of all necessary OEM parts to ensure quick TAT (turnaround time). We take pride in our resourceful approach to supporting our customer’s cosmetic repair programs often finding creative ways to minimize parts replacement saving our customers money.

L1 – L4 Repair
We have a 40-year history of providing innovative in and out of warranty repair services for many of the leading technology OEMs. We implement creative solutions to execute technology, process and people-based solutions that provide strong failure-analysis and de-bug skills in each customer's unique product designs. This enables our customers to achieve improvements in productivity and asset utilization with their internal resources.

Our focus on repair as a core competency allows us to often achieve better operating metrics (turn-around time (TAT), repeat failure, etc.) and lower cost that enhances customer satisfaction and profitability.