OEM Partners

Contec is a highly integrated, trusted and proven service partner for most of the world’s best technology product OEM’s.
We enable our OEM partners to improve their value proposition to their customers by providing seamless warranty management and high-quality services for their investments in electronic hardware.

Consistent with our quality culture we allow our OEM partners to avail of our extensive quality performance data and work collaboratively to implement improvements in their designs and manufacturing processes.

If you are interested in having Contec as your in-warranty partner, please contact

Logistics Partners

We are very proud of our strategic partnerships and are committed to investing in a brighter future.
We stick closely to our core competencies in servicing electronics hardware (test, de-bug, repair). In order to provide our customers with seamless and integrated forward and reverse logistics we partner with companies who are the best in the world their respective areas of expertise.

If you are interested in partnering with Contec, please contact us at