Forward & Reverse Logistics

Contec provides our customers outsourced solutions that increase their flexibility, minimize their risk and help grow their business.
B2B, B2C & E-Commerce Order Fulfillment
Contec’s fulfillment services provide valuable resources that allow our customers to exceed on-time shipment requirements while reducing capable expenditures. We are agile and built to scale on demand. We quickly implement customized logistics solutions and excel at providing end-to-end order fulfillment, and product distribution programs for many technology industry leaders. Our flexibility allows us to rapidly design and implement programs for special projects and new product launches.

Our engineered solutions reduce logistics cost and facilitate large order volumes that are completed to the highest standard of pack-out and accuracy.

All services are integrated into and supported by our dynamic order and inventory management system. Our online customer interface provides real-time access to order, inventory and shipment activities.

Hub Services
We collaborate with world-class partners to effectively distribute product to end users and customer hubs via FTL, LTL and parcel shipping with the goal of reducing customer costs. Our customers leverage Contec's customized resources and coast-to-coast service facilities to efficiently fulfill strategic orders.

Our process control tower provides better demand forecasts allowing intelligent replacement inventory across key nodes to match supply and demand. The result is reduced inventory spend and improved days of supply.

RMA Returns
Our reverse logistics solutions help customers provide an efficient returns process that provides an exception experience for their customers. Our service include coordination of returns from the field and real-time RMA receipt validation. We provide accurate and highly efficient screening and product testing using our patented automated testing platforms. This allows us to service, repair or upgrade returned devices and redistribute back to customers.

Asset Recovery
We understand that unused assets cost money. We help our customers maximize the value of their unused, end-of-life devices through efficient redeployment and reuse of assets. Redeployment of an idle asset to another part of the organization is often the most productive use of that asset. Our robust parts management system can provide high visibility of available parts across your organization and offer proactive options to department team leaders.

Remarketing & Recycle
We relieve the burden from our customers through our value-added services that help extend the life of their products. Our remarketing resource team works closely with our extensive network of reliable and ethical buying and selling channel partners into secondary markets to resell “certified refurbished” devices and parts.

We also coordinate with certified recycling partners to process the downstream recycling of scrap material to maximize the level of reclamation. We identify materials that can be reused as raw materials or harvest them for repair and refurbishment services.