Universal Device test Technology solutions

QuickTest has been honored as a “Best in Test” finalist by Test & Measurement World.
Contec’s QuickTest proprietary automated testing system allows for accurate and efficient testing fo our customer’s important assets.  Comprehensive data capture enables Contec and customers to quickly recognize and address issues in specific makes or models of devices. QuickTest provides:

• Full parametric analysis for over 100 discrete measurements of device tests.
• The ability to simultaneously improve the accuracy and the efficiency of device churn testing
• Easy operator interface to accurately test and yield output of up to 1000 per shift.
• Reduced call backs and cost by minimizing marginal and non-functional device from returning to the field
• Parallel Support for video resolutions (i.e. SD/HD/UHD/4K)

CRS (Contec Repair System)

CRS facilitates dynamic and customizable shop floor controls with detailed Unit/Device history of all after-market activity, including Repair, Rework, Flashing, Software Updates and Clean & Screen processes.
CRS is a proprietary cloud-based software solution that enables Contec’s service centers to deliver effective, accurate, and efficient technology repair services. CRS integrates end-to-end shop floor activities through customized workflow collaboration tools, unifying core functions into streamlined, cohesive operation. CRS supports warehouse receiving, QuickTest and Universal Modem Tester integration, code load functions, cosmetic inspection and refurbishment, inventory control, packaging, and shipping. Additionally, CRS features built-in quality and validation components to provide reliable data integrity and reporting metrics.

With CRS, customers benefit from a robust, scalable solution that is adaptable to their unique business goals and requirements.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Robust Capabilities
• Real-time access to component level inventory and transactions
• Dynamic finished good configurations
• Complete daily order and shipping detail
• Full BOM management
Flexible Reporting
• Customizable to meet unique order, inventory and shipment reporting
• Easily integrates with customer order, inventory management and billing systems
• Allows for easy flow of orders from customer to Contec with post back order details.
24/7/365 Availability
• Continuous development and updates
• Proactive monitoring of system health and real-time warehouse productivity