Working closely with our Customers, Contec services the OEM’s of our customers. We are a highly integrated, trusted and proven service partner for most of the world’s best technology product OEM’s.

We enable our OEM partners to improve their value proposition to their customers by providing seamless warranty management and high-quality services for their investments in electronic hardware. Working closely with manufacturing, Contec’s supply chain team helps OEM’s plan for Returns/Repairs and in some cases, makes recommendations for ease of repair to minimize costs.
Contec is Authorized Service Provider for the following Products:

Our World Class Parts Reclamation programs allow product to stay in service longer, even after it may become end of life.

Consistent with our quality culture we allow our OEM partners to avail of our extensive quality performance data and work collaboratively to implement improvements in their designs and manufacturing processes.

If you are interested in having Contec as your in-warranty partner, please contact partner@gocontec.com