Contec's Service Parts Planning and Materials team provides our customers a valuable supplemental resource to save time, lower inventory hold, lower cost and increase visibility.
SPARE 360 - Service Parts Planning and Inventory Optimization
Spare 360 is an AI based planning tools which provides Prescriptive & Predictive Insight to optimize spare parts availability and investments in inventory.
Value Proposition Customer Benefits
Develop planning strategies Optimize inventory
Improve forecast / inventory accuracy Optimize service level
Support your SLA’s with optimized inventory Automate the planning effort
Solves complex Part Chaining issues Root cause and predictive analytics
Clear 360 - Clear to Build
Clear 360- is a sales order deliver and order management tool.
Value Proposition Customer Benefits
Simulation capability Increase customer transparency
Clear to Build visibility Efficiently manage demand changes
Contec 360 - Process Control Tower
Contec 360 provides one integrated view of the customers installed base, track and manage SLA performance, identify cross sell / upsell opportunities.
Integration – Bring data together from disparate systems
Visibility – Enables process visibility into the key performance metrics across Product lines, warehousing and transportation and multiple suppliers
Value – Measure end to end supply chain performance